Monicord by Audrey Bakx, wine, art & gifts, story telling products

From Clos Monicord to Monicord

Clos Monicord is a family vineyard, a secluded limestone plateau located on Bordeaux’s right bank. A unique vineyard surrounded by hundreds of different trees where vines are grown organically, with many biodynamic principles since several years.

Basic philosophy at Clos Monicord is the preservation of the biodiversity. It is the guarantee to produce a wine respecting the soil, vine and the terroir. Over time, meeting with other determined wine makers producing wine without pesticides and herbicides made the Bakx family decide to go for preservation of the biodiversity and non-interventionist and a hands-off winemaking approach.

Daughter Audrey joined her father several years back and her creative expertise completed a venture, that quickly developed a unique concept. 

Over the years other wines were added offering wines with storytelling bottles.

Audrey is carrying on the family venture by creating, producing, blending, selecting and packing products in an original manner. All items and designs belong to an innovative, playful and refined visual world.They highlight essential values of life, society and a French way of life or a Monicord lifestyle.

Monicord a different way of looking at wine and nature. We are determined and try to continuously think out of the box and act accordingly. Therefor some of our wines may be labelled as ''Vins de France''. Thanks to our experience, we understand the process of changing and adjusting to the environment takes times. Sometimes one has to let time take its course and we wish the consumer to create his own mindset on Monicord without prejudice.

Audrey Bakx

Visual artist, winegirl and creative brain. Born in Luxembourg, lives and works in Bordeaux, France since 2006. Audrey spent her childhood growing up in several countries throughout Europe (Great-Britain, Germany, Belgium, Turkey..) and became a Rietveld Academy (BA) graduate in Amsterdam in 2004. After her jewellery and fine arts studies, she entered the wine world by drawing wine labels for her parents winery. Gradually, she learned all about wine by working in the vineyard and the cellar. She discovered the richness brought by the wine world, the tastings as well as the complexities of selling wine and its system. Since 2010 she has been developing the “Monicord” wine brand. She also works as a free-lance artist for various projects and creates : wine labels, ‘live drawings’, illustrations and drawings, wallpaintings, posters… For more information on her works visit