Monicord by Audrey Bakx, wine, art & gifts, story telling products

From Clos Monicord to Monicord

The Monicord vineyards are on Bordeaux's right bank, beside Fronsac, Pomerol and Saint Emilion in France. 

A family vineyard working the vines and nurturing the grapes to respect the given ‘terroir’ and harvesting the grape berries at perfect maturity of before the wine making proces. A philosophy that puts upfront precision viticulture, and minimal intervention to produce honest wines.

Joep Bakx, the father and a dedicated connoisseur of wines, took up the entrepreneurial spirit and started to produce his own wine in 2000. Turning a passion into a profession is a sure way to keep yourself motivated. Daughter Audrey joined in 2010 and her creative expertise completed a daughter - father venture, that quickly developed a unique concept. 

They developed a complete selection of wines offering pure pleasure wine with story telling bottles. Joep and Audrey carry on creating, producing or selecting other products and objects in order to offer an unforgettable experience.

Audrey Bakx

Artist, winegirl and creative brain

Products created, selected or blended and packaged in a unique manner by Audrey. Story telling products one of a kind. All items and designs belong to an innovative, playful and refined visual world. They highlight essential values of life, society  and a French way of life or a Monicord lifestyle.