Art and Wine : Small ephemeral drawings in the cellar

After the harvest comes the winemaking process. When all the vats and barrels are filled with lovely grape berries we start working intensively in the wine cellar. During a few weeks, every day we want to extract the best out of the grapes and we do the usual punching, delestage or punching over. 

During this specific time of the year, every master cellar is closely linked to each vat or barrel. Since 2011, Audrey works in the cellar during the wine making process. She starts naming each vat with humorous names (here are a few examples : Redrock, Disco mix, drops of Bacchus…) Bit by bit, she draws on those stainless steel smooth surfaces. The small ephemeral drawings start to become more and more numerous. This year, Audrey has almost recovered entirely a whole stainless steel vat with her drawings. The little drawings make the cellar look more cheerful and the tourists are amused by the looks of the vats when they visit Clos Monicord vineyard!

Special thanks to our friend Regis, who has given the name #vatart to this new concept.