A recap on Monicord vintages, however likely to be very general for Bordeaux wines.

2001 Surprising potential. Elegant.

2002 In general a poor vintage. However well matured it is showing some really pleasant angles

2003 With the heat wave, a disaster vintage. A vintage to forget.

2004 Much more balanced than 2003, expresses the soil and terroir. Best to drink now.

2005 A superb vintage, riche, with body, complex. At its top 2017-2020

2006 Still spirited, turns out to be very interesting. Drink 2015-2018

2007 A vintage discredited by journalists and specialists. Wrong…much more attractive as expected. Elegant, delicate

2008 Appetizing and based on pleasant fruit, more complex but for purists less delicate and elegant than 2006 & 2007. A comfortable and easy wine to drink

2009 Beautiful and homogenous in its quality. Remarkable. This vintage can be counted as one of the great one. A reward for tedious work in the vineyard. Riche, suave, but not over extracted

2010 A success, well-balanced, a fresh final taste. Great vintage, same style as 2009
2011 Was complicated to manage. Atypical, but charming…..a vintage for connoisseurs and may seem austere. But truly promising. Wait.

2012 Is more structured than 2012. The merlots grapes were ripe at the level of high perfection. Each bay carefully selected at the sorting table. Not a year to for decennia’s, but will show itself as easy to drink and accessible in the years to come

2013 Nothing wrong with the wine, but not a great year. It is opening up slowly but surely, kept under close surveillance. In summary “to make a great wine, you need great grapes, reminded Stéphane Derenoncourt, known not to be in favour of making up wines during the vinification process” (Challenges 23/02/2014).

2014 Catching up for 2013 in quality but little in quantity, offering attractive contours