6 Different labels but the same wine presented in a wooden case. This Clos Monicord 2011 is a must have for your wine cellar.

Limited edition.

This series of 6 Audrey designed wine labels symbolises the biodiversity found at the monicord winery. Aided by mechanical weeding, ploughing and sowing, flora and fauna has increased across the vineyard.

Grains such as oat, wheat and vetch (a member of the pea family known as a green manure) are planted between the rows attracting different insects, birds and animals, while rebalancing the soil with a variety of nutrients (and tasty goodness for the vines!). Letting the copses and hedges grow provides refuge for the wildlife to feed, nest and hide.

The black ink line drawings took inspiration from glimpses of the animals amongst the vines, and the importance of biodiversity for good wine. There is a hoopoe (a cute bird with an exotic looking crest), a squirrel, a pheasant, a dragonfly, a deer and some ladybirds; together with details of the grains planted on the different parcels of vines.

They represent the animals of the earth and sky, with a golden disc showing the brilliance of the sun, bringing heat to the vines, and a shimmering moon denoting the coolness of the night.

This lovely artistic series of wine labels decorate 6 bottles of wine presented in a monicord wooden case.

Limited Edition.