Six handmade & hand painted plates - Vitis Vinifera, mon amour – Monicord by Audrey Bakx

Six handmade & hand painted plates - Vitis Vinifera, mon amour

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Pre-order six 'Vitis vinifera, mon amour' plates for a special price. These plates are a collectors item and issued in numbered and limited series. 

You all know Audrey's series of labels for Clos Monicord. The series of drawings "Vitis Vinifera, mon amour" represent the relationship between mankind and the vines throughout the seasons and are now hand painted onto plates. A great gift for a true #winelover #foodlover #artlover

You can make a reservation for a series of 6 plates by buying them online. Count maximum 3-4 weeks for production and shipment. They are well wrapped into 2 thick cardboard gift boxes. 

This collection of drawings is hand painted onto handmade plates by the talented Faïencerie Georges. These plates can be used as a wall decoration or they can be used as desert or cheese plates for example. 

This series is an observation and reflection on the natural cycle of the vines. The different seasons of the vine are shown. The vine and the man live a metamorphosis together as each picture expresses the symbiosis between the vine and the human being. One can compare the relationship between the vine and the man to a passionate love story.

The vine is embodied and suggests the presence of a feminine character. Inspite of the rustic and rough features of a vine the drawings reveal strongly its feminine side throughout its development until the final maturity.

Diameter : 23 cm each plate




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