Les oiseaux (birds) framed wine labels – Monicord by Audrey Bakx
Les oiseaux (birds)  framed wine labels

Les oiseaux (birds) framed wine labels

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Six upon a time...........at Clos Monicord. 6 labels in a frame.

Since 12 years she creates with tenderness and poetry the labels for he Clos Monicord wines.This collection of handmade drawings are made with Indian ink, water based ink, acrylic ink and watercolour. This series is an observation and reflection on the natural cycle of the vines.

For the vintage 2012 Audrey puts up front the birds present in the Monicord vineyards, which she has observed year after year. This study became a passion, which gave the birth of these delicate 6 labels.

Each label shows a drawing of a bird, with its name, in French and Latin (alouette lulu, lullula arborea ; bergeronnette grise, motacilla alba…), followed with an invented saying, created for the occasion, which highlights a lexical related to birds. «A glass of wine in the hand with a friend is worth more than a bottle in the cellar» or «As happy as a lark, with wine to keep you sharp»

Magnifying elegantly these labels / artwork, Audrey has framed and transformed them into poetic decoration items. The series of 6 labels representing the 2012 vintage, 73x24x3cm

Height : 31 cm

Width : 72 cm

Depth : 3,5 cm

Weight : 2.500 gr

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