The Essential Wine Club Membership – Monicord by Audrey Bakx

The Essential Wine Club Membership

Discounted bottles on a supermarket shelf may seem tempting at the end of a long day, but there is a better way to buy wine. Not only will signing up for Monicord wine club membershipmake you instantly feel more sophisticated, it will help you developing your taste pallet. But foremost you will buy environmental and socially responsible from the wine grower direct. Your member ship means an artisanal winery can exist and stay up against the agriculture intensive wine producing industry.

The 3 Monicord membership plans offer mean:

  • Order a case (6 or 12 bottles) when you want or any other item available in the shop
  • Order what you want, mixed cases possible
  • Every 4 euro spend you will give top it up with 1 euro
  • Free shipping
  • 3 plans for 3 budgets
  • Refer-a-friend program and gain extra credit
  • Not only Monicord wines but also wines from winemaker friends
  • Reduced accommodation and prices at the Monicord winery and winemaker & tasting packages
  • Cancel any time – no minimum to sign up