Madame Monicord colouring set – Monicord by Audrey Bakx

Madame Monicord colouring set

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Madame Monicord has a busy life and so do you. Collect the five illustrations and drop them in your bag. Your children will be able to colour them in anytime suitable. Perfect as a small gift for children above 3 years old or adults if you want to consider these as Art-Therapy. All designs are by Audrey.

A set of five black and white drawings printed on A5 posters. Each poster is numbered and depicts a daily life situation scene of the life of Madame Monicord. They come along with 12 wooden pencils in a wooden shaped pencil box.

Size : 15 x 22 cm colouring set + 14,5 x 3,5 cm diameter colouring box

Weight : 35 gr colouring set + 65 gr colouring box

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